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Working together we created, essentially, "Me, Inc." a much more marketable and successful professional...

DW, Project Manager

I came away from my coaching sessions with Kim being able to understand, and more importantly, articulate my unique differentiating value to my current and future organizations...told in a way I never could.

HS, Vice-President

Kim's passion made this...into a valuable and enjoyable experience.

LC, Technology Executive

What area of your career are you working on today?


Resume Writing


Wouldn't it be wonderful to reach your goals faster?

That's what a Career Coach can do for you!


"Who seeks out a coach? Winners who want more out of life."
~ Chicago Tribune




Partnering with a Career Coach can empower and enable you to:

CIO Coach


  • Accelerate your career
  • Shorten your job search
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Become 'sought out' for best opportunities
  • Articulate your personal brand
  • Use latest trends to your advantage
  • Make your mark on your organization
  • Adapt to new corporate realities
  • Gain focus and clarity of goals
  • Realize your dreams, work your passion
  • Reduce stress and find more work / life balance
  • Build on your career success


Desire Faster, Better Results?

We understand you, your function, your market - more than anyone else out there - and we can help you get where you want - quickly!

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Join the hundreds of successful technology executives who know the secret to being totally prepared for this marketplace.

Looking for a Coach who understands Technology Executives?

Partner on your career with Kim Batson, The CIO Coach, today!





Personal Branding

Into today's marketplace, technology executives must be able to articulate a unique and powerful brand...can you?

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Resume Writing

More is required of today's executive Resumes, is yours new or old? Get a stunning new executive Resume today!


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Job Search Strategies

Our clients land 300% faster than other executives...learn and apply the strategies that will help you do the same!

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LinkedIn Profiles

Positioned powerfully on LinkedIn? Getting the calls you desire? No? Let us create one that will!

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Salary Negotiations

Do you have an upper limit as to how much you'd like to make? No? Then why not negotiate for the best offers? We'll show you how...

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Career Management

Managing your career is a lifelong art. You might as well enjoy your work. Soar higher with Career Management Coaching from the expert in Technology Executive careers!

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